Charter Plane

We have large number of Fix Wing Aircrafts in our list and our team is dedicated to provide
you with the highest quality Private Aircrafts starting from Small Piston Engine to Small and Large
Turbo Prop and Jet Engine Aircrafts as per your own budget and other requirements like distance and time to travel.
Our Professional team is available 24 x 7.

Charter Helicopter

Helicopter is a unique machine , which can be used at places where a Fixed Wing Aircrafts can not operate.
India has a big geography , many times when you need to travel to remote places , take off and land many times
in a day , A Charter Helicopter as per your own schedule is the best choice.

Charter for Weddings

Is a Unique way to show love towards the one you are getting married ,
Our Team will help you to find the most suitable helicopter or a Fix Wing Aircraft with in your budget.
Even if you are planning to get married 30000 Feet's above ground ,
you may think of hiring a Charter Aircraft , May be the most Unique and Exotic Wedding Venue ,
enjoy once in life time experience with your family and friends.

Aerial Advertising

We Make your advertisement Fly , flying your message directly in front of viewers at cities , concerts , sports , events , conventions and outdoor events.
Skyboard Banners and Skywriting reach highly targeted audiences with remarkable efficiency, making aerial media an attractive option for a wide range of campaigns , can help you raise awareness, generate traffic, and increase the value of your brand.
Billboards nationwide programs reach viewers numbering in the millions per day, at exceptionally low costs per impression.

Joy Rides

A Great fulfilled idea , a day out with your family and friends , charter a non scheduled operator licensed
small aircraft flown by experienced licensed pilot and feel flying like a bird , a memory for the life time.
All the life flying on a back seat of a big aircraft , this trip will open the doors to enjoy and feel of flying.

Aircrafts Safety

All the Aircrafts are sourced by Licensed Non Schedules operators , flown by experienced licensed pilots ,
checked and passed for it's air worthiness , checked for all required documents by the operators.
The type of Aircrafts you need , are subject to availability at the time of Confirmation from client's side.
Operated Under Govt. Rules , regulations and guidelines.

Air Ambulance Services

Charter Plane India also offers Exclusive Air Ambulance Services with in Indian Skies , Choosing the Correct Aircraft for your Medical Emergency Flight is most important , With Charter plane India , Our 24 x 7 Ready Team will help you to understand what Kind of Aircraft will be most suitable for your route and Medical Requirement , because most suitable Aircraft for your Ambulance Need should match the below parameters :

  • Pickup Location of the Patient : In Some cases where , there is no Runway Available near to the location of patient, Helicopters will be the best match and where the Runway is Available, Fix Wing Aircrafts will be the better choice as Fix Wing Aircrafts travel much faster then Helicopters.

  • Number of Patients on Board and how many other person on board is also a key factor to decide which Aircraft will be the most suitable for your requirement of Air Ambulance.

  • Length of Route is also a factor, we need to understand which Aircraft can bring the Patient to the Destination fast and with all required comforts.

  • Cost Factor : We need to understand which Aircraft will be cost effective for your requirement of Air Ambulance and at same time will be also Comfortable, Safe and equipped with all required Medical Equipments.

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